A Frekels Doll Is A Happy Doll

Good Day and welcome to the world of Frekels!

FABRICS: Frekels are cloth dolls of color that I design and make. I use fine natural fabrics such as cottons, silks, and wools. If I am trying to achieve a certain effect, I may sometimes use a blend of natural and synthetic fabrics.

FACES: When I first entered the world of dollmaking, I hand embroidered the faces. I eventually progressed to painting them and in taking baby steps, I have now ventured out to needle sculpting. I am very happy about the challenge this new technique brings because I feel it will be a nice compliment to my painted faces.

HAIR: The hair, which is made of yarn and sometimes other materials, is hand sewn onto the head of each doll. Even though glue is not one of my best friends, I sometimes will use it to glue hair onto the dolls. But, my main purpose for using glue is for embellishments that can't be sewn onto the finished doll.

My dolls are all one of a kind (OOAK) or limited edition (LE) and are designed to be played with, hugged, cherished, and loved. Of course they can be for displayed purposes also. Just remember to give them a hug every once in awhile.

As you browse through my site, I hope you will smile alot and I also hope that Frekels will bring as much joy to you as it does for me when I create them.

Thank you for talking a walk through the cloth doll world as I see it and do visit Frekels again soon.