My fascination with dolls started when I was a little girl, I had the doll and the doll carriage, which were both bigger than life itself at the time. In addition, I had the imagination to go along with it. Who knew that would be the beginning of my creative passion for dolls.

I was very fortunate to grow up with dolls of color. My parents informed me that all of my dolls were purchased from the ‘Woolworth’ store located on 125th Street in Harlem, NY. I don’t have any of those dolls today, but I have pictures and memories. And the love for those dolls will forever be etched in stone in my memory.

Dollmaking, what a joy it is to create. In the learning process, my first dolls were made strictly from patterns found in magazines and pattern books and were very primitive. I soon ventured out to make dolls from the heart and that opened up a new world of ideas beyond limits. My dolls aren’t perfect but their imperfections add character. I use quality fabrics and have found that when working with cloth it is so very forgiving which reminds me of movements within a dance. My challenge is always to go beyond the comfort of my creativity and in doing so, whether or not you purchase a Frekels Doll, the fact that they may bring a smile to the face of many potential customers is very rewarding. As a result, two of my dolls have recently been published (July, 2015) in a hard bound book titled “The Art of the Contemporary Doll”. My passion continues...

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